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Ishpeming Rock and Mineral Club                                               

Ishpeming Rock and Mineral Club - 2010 Kaleidoscope


IRMC club members had a busy but enjoyable afternoon at the Superior Dome on February 20th. Attendance at the annual Kaleidoscope was great. Hundreds of children and their families came to our display area to ask questions about our rock specimens. The kids liked the idea of actually being able to handle specimens and even looking at them through magnifying glasses and loops. The sand tub was a hit, along with the fluorescent minerals display. Digging in the sand for a polished rock made it seem like summer on a cold February day. The Dinosaur and Wooly Mammoth artifacts that Jim DeCaire donated brought wide eyed stares and many oohs and aahs. Visitors also had a unique view of beautiful perfect crystals through the microscope. Small specimens of hematite, copper, epitdote, amethyst, gypsum and fossils were handed out to each child. Thanks to those members who donated them. Molly Savage of Gwinn won our egg carton collection of mineral specimens by guessing the number of Apache Tears in a jar. She missed the actual county by only one! Molly is ten years old and attends K.I. Sawyer Elementary School. She told me that when she's outside she is always looking for rocks. Congratulations Molly! Allen and I would like to thank all the members who helped us during the afternoon. Among them were: Bev, Miranda, Dawn, Glen, John, Leo, Ernie, Thom, Lynn, Sydney, Mike, Don and Cliff. Without their help we wouldn't have been able to give the children the time and attention they needed to really see what rock hounding is all about.

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MOLLY SAVAGE of Gwinn won our egg carton collection of mineral specimens by guessing the number of Apache Tears in a jar. Congratulations Molly!

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